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"I am very pleased with Excedea’s work in the project. Including the countries where we already operate in the analysis made comparison of new markets easy. " Mika Hartikainen, Senior Vice President Europe and Asia, Lindström Group "PKC has worked with Excedea in China, Balkans, Baltic countries and South America and we have been very happy with the consistent high quality of service." Jani Kiljala, President, Wiring Systems, Europe and South America, PKC Group "Excedea differs from many other consulting companies in their thoroughness in market research but also in the way they assist their client in the implementation, and push them to create success." Siv Schalin, CEO, Docrates "Excedea knew well the decision makers and how to act with them efficiently in our case. I appreciated Excedea’s active approach, flexibility and service attitude." Lenita Ingelin, Director, Bake Off Business Area, VAASAN Group "We have been very happy with Excedea's services as an advisor and facilitator to our international growth." Pertti Huuskonen, Chairman of the Board, Technopolis Plc 2010 "The way you carried out the project combining with your expertise and adaptability was great." Raimo Mansikkaoja , VP Business Development, Nokian Tyres Plc "The expectations were fulfilled, the market survey was comprehensive and detailed. " Peter Bräunlein, Area Director, Tikkurila Plc "During the project Excedea offered solutions to improve the success of the project. Feedback from the participants was very positive related to Excedea team's expertise of the field as well as communication and presentation skills." Regina Raukas, Executive Officer, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication "Project delivery matched very well to what we ordered and we appreciated Excedea's cooperative approach and ability to make us ask the right questions during the project." Olivier Bonfils, Senior Business Advisor, Greater Helsinki Promotion "We are very pleased with Excedea services: the process of compiling of application documents was coordinated very well, and everything went smoothly. The result was positive. " Eero Lass, CEO, Kikas OÜ

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